Novels Currently Seeking Representation

The Cynic’s Guide

Nothing could stop Tyler from trying to be famous. Not even dying. Six years after his death, a viral video made by an obsessive fan might just be his big break. But Tyler left behind more than a musical legacy. His grieving boyfriend, biggest fan and a new musican riding his wave to success are left trying to figure out what Tyler really wanted from the pieces he left behind.

The Cynic’s Guide is 84,000 words long.
Read an excerpt here.

The Imprecise Art of Knowing

Felix saved Eli’s life the day they met, and since then their stories have been as inextricable as ballet and Russia. As the years and shared trauma bind them ever closer, Eli clings to the token of his survival; a necklace he found in his mother’s pocket the night she was killed and he was not. The necklace is no mere trinket; its diamonds and emeralds have seen horrors Eli cannot imagine, horrors Felix is eager to recount on his fleeting summer visits to London from Moscow.  Felix inserts himself deeper and deeper into Eli’s life, paying for his ballet tuition and watching him dancing from afar. Eli knows that Felix is dangerous, but he recklessly chooses not to until Felix faces life imprisonment for murder he didn’t commit – at least not this time. 

Imprecise Art of Knowing is 87,000 words long.
Read an excerpt here.

On-Going Projects

An Everyday Exorcist

Jem Enfield is, in many ways, a fraud. He’s a psychic that doesn’t believe in ghosts, and he lies to all of his clients. Nevertheless, Jem’s powers are real, though they don’t work exactly like everyone thinks. Jem’s sister Kitty knows this, and does all she can to help Jem do his work; he might be a liar, but his heart is in the right place. Jem’s twin, Anna, has other ideas. She has long-since forsaken the family business and is off in London, training to be a lawyer. Everything in their unconventional (but perfectly ordinary) lives when a house appears on their street – a house everyone apart from Jem is convinced was always there.

This novel is intended to be a midway point between my interests in the New Weird, Urban Fantasy, and literary fiction. It will run about 90k long and I’ve hardly written any of it yet!

The Architects of Everything

For generations, the kingdom of Tay has flourished under the Undying King, Huelan. His great city, Tayarria, has running water and candles which throw no heat and burn no fuel, and now he is promising these wonders can be had from the deepest colonies in the South, to the Wild Heartlands, to the great lakes in the East. But benneath its shiny veneer, just like the king its self, the prosperity of Tayarria comes at a great and terrible cost. Shan, the king’s long-trusted General, uncovers a long history of disappeared children. In the South, a young girl with a golden eye sets out for a revenge after a dragon ventures across the border for the first time in generations. The king’s daughter struggles to maintain a colony plagued by dragons, famine and sickness which seems to originate from the very mines the colony is meant to maintain. All the while the lands of Tay are stalked by the king’s mysterious righthand man, the Commandant, known to all that fear him as Shadow and Flame.

Architects is a fun fantasy story I write to blow off steam from my other projects. That being said, I am very proud of it so far, and it was represented in The Manchester Anthology 2019. It is the first part of a planned series will round out at about 120k w/c, and I’m currently 90k deep in the first draft.

Shelved Projects and Assorted Short Stories

New York, the Queen of England

This literary short-story plays with the idea of multiple memories eliding into one, and how meaning can be made from placing memories in chorus as much as from the memories themselves.

The Sixth Hand (Our Spoken Witness, Volume One)

In this 74,000-word speculative novel for readers aged 10-18, Quinn Rowse has been dreaming of an impossible world her whole life, and her discovery of a watch with six hands, none of which tell the time, reveals that this world is far from imaginary. Thrust into a magical society fraught with tension and complicated rituals, Quinn has to find her place – and fast. She’s less than welcome, though everyone seems desperate to get her on side, and even putting a toe out of line could lead to her being thrown out, or maybe even something far worse.

The Fix, or the Burden of Arrangement

A 60,000-word literary novel. Following the recent loss of his long-term partner, Wren, Alfie receives a letter in the post from the true love of his life, Felix, asking him not to bring a testimony to the police which would free him from a murder charge. Alfie’s memories of Felix and Wren comingle and corrupt one another as he tries to determine which of them he was in love with, and whether it would be selfish to ignore Felix’ wishes and attempt to free him anyway.

The Witch Trail

In this speculative literary thriller, Mall, a single-mother and recently-promoted detective, investigates a string of deaths and disappearances in her hometown. Twelvelms is famous for historical witchburnings, and the occult is deeply woven into the community. Mall struggles to reconcile similarities between her current case and one that led to her estranged sister’s imprisonment for murder years before. As circumstances around the crimes become stranger and more maligned, Mall begins to wonder if perhaps people are being literal when they say there’s something in the water in Twelvelms.

The Tide Comes In

A very short literary story about love, lying, and losing the will to live.

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