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Pippin Eira Major

Writer, etc.

Pippin was born in North Wales and grew up surrounded by sheep and other small mammals. With a shortage of decent human company, he started writing stories. Now an adult, Pippin writes mostly literary fiction, occasionally dabbling in the fantastical and the weird.

Pippin is currently looking for representation for two literary novels.

The Cynic’s Guide

Nothing could stop Tyler from trying to be famous. Not even dying. Six years after his death, a viral video made by an obsessive fan might just be his big break. But Tyler left behind more than a musical legacy. His grieving boyfriend, biggest fan and a new musican riding his wave to success are left trying to figure out what Tyler really wanted from the pieces he left behind. Read an excerpt of the Cynic’s Guide here.

The Imprecise Art of Knowing

Felix saved Eli’s life the day they met, and since then their stories have been as inextricable as ballet and Russia. As the years and shared trauma bind them ever closer, Eli clings to the token of his survival; a necklace he found in his mother’s pocket the night she was killed and he was not. The necklace is no mere trinket; its diamonds and emeralds have seen horrors Eli cannot imagine, horrors Felix is eager to recount on his fleeting summer visits to London from Moscow.  Felix inserts himself deeper and deeper into Eli’s life, paying for his ballet tuition and watching him dancing from afar. Eli knows that Felix is dangerous, but he recklessly chooses not to until Felix faces life imprisonment for murder he didn’t commit – at least not this time. Read an excerpt of the Imprecise Art of Knowing here.

If you are interested in representing either of these novels, or would like further details about them, please email pippineiramajor@gmail.com

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