Pippin Eira Major

Writer & Sloth-in-Chief of Hanging Sloth Studios.

Sometimes-musician, always Dickens character, aspiring Victorian dandy.

Pippin’s Writing

A collection of Excerpts of Pippin’s work, which ranges from literary to fantasy, plus information about on-going projects.

Hanging Sloth Studios

Hanging Sloth Studios is the tiny independant podcasting studio behind the podcast ‘Clockwork Bird, or the Modern Icarus’.

Maybe Wednesday

Maybe Wednesday is Pippin’s ill-advised band. He is the only human member. They make pop-grunge and sad acoustic lofi tracks.

‘pretty okay I guess’

– My Housemate

Pip is the protagonist and narrator in Charles Dickens‘s novel Great Expectations (1861). He is amongst the most popular characters in English literature. Pip narrates his story many years after the events of the novel take place.

About Pippin

Pippin is a writer of novels, podcasts and music. Read more about Pippin.

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Maybe Wednesday
Hanging Sloth Studios

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